The Job Seeker's Odyssey

Your guide to Getting Hired in 2020

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Ever felt powerless in your job-search? You send out dozens, maybe even hundreds of applications to prospective employers…

And you don’t even get a single response, except for the occasional rejection email.

At Novorésumé, we’ve seen countless talented job-seekers failing to get a job they deserve JUST because they don’t know how to best present themselves to their employers.

So, we figured out how to help: we just launched our complete, step-by-step e-book on how to land your dream job.

The e-book is 100% free, and contains a TON of valuable info on resumes, cover letters, interviews, and so much more!

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We asked 4 career experts for their best job-search tips

And with our industry expertise combined everything into this action-packed e-book

Expert 1

Debra Wheatman

Founder at Careers Done Right

Expert 2

Austin Belcak

Founder at Cultivated Culture

Expert 3

Biron Clarke

Job Search Expert Founder at Career Sidekick

Expert 4

Farnoosh Brock

Business and Leadership Coach

Job-search is a lengthy process

And our e-book covers every single step of the way.

You’re going to learn everything there is to know about job-search, from creating a convincing resume to acing the interview:

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1. Pick the right resume format (and template)

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2. Use all the right resume sections

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3. Fill in your resume with your work history and experiences

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4. Create a cover letter that matches your resume

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5. Ace the interview

Jam-Packed with Value

Literally everything you need to know about job-search, including:

Value 1

How recruiters evaluate your application - what do they like, dislike, and how to stand out

Value 3

What are Applicant Tracking Systems and how to beat them every time

Value 5

How to PERFECT your resume with our free checklist

Value 2

How to create an irresistible resume, even if you don't have ANY relevant work experience

Value 4

The ultimate job-search FAQ - whatever questions you might have about your career, we've covered them in this e-book

Value 5

Having trouble with your cover letter? Steal one of our free professional templates


What are the most common job interview questions (and how to answer them right).

Learn what got you rejected (or hired!) with this never-seen-before career hack.

How to use DocSend to learn how long the recruiter looked at your resume (and what they thought about it).

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